See Your Concrete Floor Shine

Ask about our concrete polishing in the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Monroe, OH areas

With only a polishing process, a concrete floor can go from ordinary and rough to smooth and attractive. Tri-State Coatings & Repair offers concrete polishing services in the Hamilton, Monroe and Cincinnati, OH areas.

Our team will take the time to restore the look of your concrete by:

Preparing the surface carefully
Polishing it with grit or an abrasive disc
Using a fine-grit abrasive disc
Applying an extra-fine-grit abrasive disc
Spreading out a coat of concrete floor polish

We'll provide as much information as you need before, during and after the concrete polishing project. To learn more about polishing concrete, talk to us right away.

Learn about the benefits of polishing concrete

Changing your concrete's surface makes it look better, but that's not the only benefit. Polish also adds water resistance to concrete, which is ordinarily porous enough to absorb water easily. Your concrete will be protected from water, chemical and oil spills. Additionally, polished concrete is slip resistant. Schedule our polishing services now to bring these benefits to your property.