We Specialize in Solving Industrial and Commercial Flooring Problems

Here at Tri-State Coatings & Repair, LLC, our custom flooring professionals provide innovative design and utility solutions for industrial and commercial properties in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Our flooring installation crew is experienced qualified to work in all types of industrial environments, and are known throughout the Monroe, OH area for our unwavering professionalism and high-caliber customer service! We are dedicated to helping all of our clients get a floor that looks great, functions well, and is easy to maintain.

Our comprehensive commercial and industrial epoxy and concrete flooring services can breathe new life into your old floors and address common problems, including:


Tri-State Coatings & Repair, LLC offers a wide variety of floor coatings that can help increase the durability of any floor. We offer specialized solutions like acid resistant coatings, electrostatic dissipating coatings, and coatings that eliminate moisture vapor transmission. We can also add a layer of roller-applied epoxy floor coating to help prevent dust accumulation!


Slipping is a major concern in many commercial and industrial environments, but Tri-State Coatings & Repair, LLC can help improve the safety of your current flooring without doing a totally new installation. We can apply a quick non-slip floor coating that will help you and your employees stay on your feet, no matter what.


Concrete floors don't have to be unattractive! Our team at Tri-State Coatings & Repair, LLC can make your existing concrete floor look stylish and new by polishing it into a high gloss shine. Our unique diamond grinding technique will even help increase the strength and durability of your polished concrete, ensuring years of beautiful use and minimal upkeep.

For more information on epoxy and concrete flooring services call Tri-State Coatings & Repair, LLC today at (513) 777-1234.